Why Did We Start Humantel?

by | Mar 25, 2020

People often ask why I closed a successful insights practice to start something completely new. The answer is simple – and it is the same force that drove me to start THREE Group 12 years ago: I knew there was a better way.

As we enter the next era in the relationship between brands and consumers, the principles that drove us to create Humantel are more important than ever:



Fundamentally, we recognize that having ready access to consumer emotions, values and attitudes can help brands make more “people-first” decisions.  As teams put a new premium on this “soft data”, we wanted to create an environment that would help them more readily understand the motivations among all walks of life – to accelerate their knowledge and broaden their field of view.



The pace of decision making is non-stop today.  Ready access to credible data and engaging insights can create a culture of ideation that moves quickly AND purposefully.  We set out to build a familiar environment where insights are easily, quickly digestible.  As our data grows, we’ll be able to share more impactful and more important stories of the human experience.



Good ideas are everywhere, but the mechanism for harnessing them is often restricted by time, geography and organizational structure.   We wanted to create an environment where ideas that come from insights are captured, instantly shared and built upon – across barriers –effectively closing the gap between insight and action.


We founded Humantel on the simple principle that better understanding makes for better business decisions.  We went all in on a better way to empower teams with this knowledge.  Undoubtedly, Humantel will aide decision making and save money.  That’s great.  But we also hope that just a little bit of human intelligence in your daily diet will make the world a better place.

Humantel is a market intelligence platform that provides you with ready access to the motivations of people all over the world. To learn more about our company or get a demo of the platform itself send us a note at demo@humantel.com.
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