Leah Fischman

by | Mar 6, 2020

Leah Fischman

Channel Director, Workplace Culture

As the Channel Director of Workplace Culture, Leah oversees a cross functional team facilitating the exchange of insights and ideas across data analysts, journalists and creatives, focusing on the drivers of employee engagement.

Leah brings a deep bench of experience working with corporations, nonprofits and startups at the intersection of social impact, content and media. After 15 years in executive roles at Time Warner Inc and Showtime, and serving on the Boards for community nonprofits, she founded her own consultancy to focus on mission-driven work. It’s with this integrated approach and people-first lens that she lends her expertise to the Humantel team.

Leah is a champion for creating inclusive cultures and access for underrepresented communities. She’s worked with organizations to help develop and improve upon issues ranging from diversity and social impact to brand messaging to foster change and growth. Leah works with leaders to bridge gaps across disciplines and stakeholders, and drive maximum engagement with existing/new audiences. She’s passionate about helping clients communicate and shape their mission and business to strategically position them for success in an ever evolving and cultural landscape.

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