Jessica Sterling

by | Mar 7, 2020

Jessica Sterling

Head of Research Methodology

As Head of Research Methodology, Jessica designs multi-channel study methodology that is grounded in science and established psychological principles. By providing a framework for collecting empirical evidence related to the motivators of consumer action, Jessica is instrumental in evolving our understanding of the human experience. She works closely with the data scientist team and channel directors to ensure high quality data collection is turned into relatable and valuable insights for brand action.

Prior to Humantel, Jessica had a 20 year career in gathering and utilizing data-driven and evidence-based insights for business decision making. Through her doctoral training in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany, she has leveraged her knowledge and expertise in research methodology, psychometrics, and statistical analysis to create rigorous programs in the fields of market research, leadership development, and talent management.

Most notably, Jessica spent over 10 years as the Principal Client Research Analyst in IBM’s Corporate Market Intelligence. She oversaw their most comprehensive and complex suite of primary research offerings in the areas of brand image, advertising testing, customer satisfaction, buyer behavior, competitive intelligence, and social media.

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