A fresh take on consumer insights to help you better meet the pace of decision making today.

We conduct ongoing global studies of the emotions, values and attitudes that drive people to act. Humantel’s channels are grounded in the world’s largest surveys of consumer motivations – 100,000 people in 50 countries per channel, per year. Qualitative support inspires and brings data to life for you.

Members receive ready-to-use insights – hand crafted by professionals and delivered through credible data, snackable content, slide shows, videos, white papers and more. All brought together in an easy-to-use, mobile friendly platform.

Agile, inspirational and actionable, Humantel is a simple team plug-in that gives you critical knowledge and the edge with both colleagues and consumers.

Our first channel on the drivers of Sport Fandom is launching now.
Wellness Mindset and Workplace Culture channels will soon follow.

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